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Free 9D Audio Breathwork Starter Kit

Unlock Instant Well-Being:
Your 9D Audio Breathwork Kit For Immediate
Activation, Relaxation, and Motivation

Discover the transformative power of guided breathwork with our specially curated 9D Audio Breathwork Starter Kit. Designed to kickstart your journey to emotional and mental well-being, this kit includes three targeted exercises to Activate, Relax, and Motivate you. Whether you're looking to jumpstart your day, unwind after a stressful moment, or find that extra push to achieve your goals, our state-of-the-art 9D audio technology provides an immersive experience that delivers immediate and tangible targeted benefits

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Where Should We Send Your Free 9D Breathwork Starter Kit?

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Inside the 9D Audio Breathwork Starter Kit, you'll find:

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Three portable audio files that you can carry with you wherever you go, ensuring that a transformative breathwork experience is always just a click away.


A Unique Activation Exercise

This isn't your typical warm-up. Our specially designed activation exercise uses 9D audio technology and breathwork to tap into a hidden reservoir of energy within you. Imagine starting your day or tackling a big project with a newfound zest you didn't even know was possible. This exercise is your key to activating that untapped potential.

A Reset Button for Stress and Anxiety

We all have those moments where stress and anxiety seem to get the better of us. What if you had a "reset button" to instantly calm your mind and body? Our relaxation technique is so effective, it's like having that reset button at your fingertips. Utilizing a unique blend of harmonic frequencies and guided breathwork, this exercise will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face whatever comes your way.

A Motivational Boost Like No Other

Motivation can be elusive, especially when you need it the most. Our motivational boost exercise is designed to unlock a specific mental state that propels you toward your goals. Whether you're facing a challenging task, striving for a personal best, or simply need a push to get things done, this exercise will ignite that inner fire, making the path to your goals feel not just possible, but inevitable.

Where Should We Send Your Free 9D Breathwork Starter Kit?

Click here to download
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How to Use Your 9D Audio Breathwork Starter Kit

  1. Download the Kit: After downloading, unzip the folder to access your audio files and guide.

  2. Choose Your Setting: Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Use headphones for the best 9D audio experience.

  3. Select an Exercise: Choose from the three audio exercises based on your current need—Activation, Relaxation, or Motivation.

  4. Play the Audio: Open the selected audio file on your device and hit play.

  5. Follow Along: Listen to the guided instructions and let the 9D audio technology do the rest. Just breathe and be present.

  6. Reflect: After the session, take a moment to reflect on how you feel. You can jot down any thoughts or feelings in a journal if you like.

  7. Join the Community: Use the link provided to join our exclusive community for tips, shared experiences, and ongoing support.

  8. Repeat: The benefits are both immediate and cumulative, so feel free to use the kit as often as you like. Regular practice, as with anything worth of mastery, is the key to lasting and permanent changes and results.

  9. Enjoy your journey to a more relaxed, activated, and motivated you!

MB30 Guided Breathwork Course

Use Coupon Code MB30FRIEND For 50% Discount

Start 30 Habit-Forming Days Of Morning Breathwork Medicine for Intelligent Transformation


We’ll focus on the practice of building a solid morning routine. 

The course is structured to challenge YOU to complete 30 days of breathwork practice. 

But this is more than just mindset. You’ll learn how to integrate breathwork into your life, for keeps. By the end of the journey, you will have implemented a full-blown superpower habit.

If you want transformation, you have to bring yourself fully to the table. The deeper you breathe, the further you will go. 

You’ll experience how it feels to be pushed outside your comfort zone. 

Embrace it. Because this is where you will grow.

And as long as you do the work… I’m confident you’ll see a big shift! 

  • You’ll learn 4 core techniques and develop a range of different breathing skills.

  • Follow a short, powerful guided breathing session every day.

  • Get weekly access to new, high-quality video learning modules.

  • ​Learn to integrate these techniques into your life, right from the get-go.

  • ​Create transformational habits and develop the skills to maintain them.

  • Daily breathwork practice guided by Brian

  • Access to my Transformational Breathwork Journeys

  • ​Experience a transformational emotional detox

  • ​Flood your brain and body with “feel good” neurotransmitters

  • Clear childhood trauma 

  • Clear intergenerational trauma and liberate your future self, your children, and your relationships from this burden

  • ​​Tap into your body’s amazing ability to heal itself

  • ​​Achieve deep relaxation and restful sleep

  • ​Feel more at ease

  • Remove your emotional triggers and free yourself from negative beliefs and patterns


You will also get:

  • Instant 24/7, LIFETIME ACCESS to all the course materials.

  • A full library of high-definition training videos — this is your daily training.

  • A 4 transformational breathwork journeys. You can use this 1-4 times a month. This is the ultimate reset. You’ll clean out your subconscious, cutting to the core of what you struggle with, and letting it all go and more. 

  • ​Practices range from 5 min to 25 min, each containing technique, instructions, and an on-screen timer.

  • ​Access to our private, interactive community. A space to connect with fellow breathwork students, ask questions, share your wins and breakthroughs, and get all the support you need.




  • The Breathwork Toolkit: extra bonus video training to help with:

  • ​Sleep and relaxation

  • ​Focus and concentration

  • ​Detoxification

  • ​Balance and energy

Use Coupon Code MB30FRIEND For 50% Discount

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